Mar 20, 2023

I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult

Wendy J. Duncan  I Can't Hear God Anymore
Wendy J. Duncan

I Can't Hear God Anymore is an inspiring and instructive example of how normal people caught in the skillful manipulations of an abusive cult can find their way back to spiritual and psychological health. This fascinating book is the first book written about the Dallas-based Trinity Foundation. The author was a former member of Ole Anthony's group and writes about her experience with the group and describes the cultic nature of the group and its charismatic leader. Duncan's personal struggle to return to psychological wholeness, as well as insights from Dr. Margaret Singer and other researchers who have explored the cult phenomenon, are included in this important new book.

I Can’t Hear God Anymore unpacks the skillful manipulations of cunning leaders – and tells how people seeking God are often susceptible to being taken in and abused. It also offers insights that Wendy, a licensed social worker, has cultivated in more than 20 years in the mental health field.  
Whether you’re seeking insight into how cultic groups operate, or you’re on the road to recovering from one, I think you’ll find Wendy’s book eye-opening.


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