Mar 18, 2023

Nithyananda's 'Kailasa' duped 30 US cities with ‘sister city’ scam: Report

Over 30 American cities signed agreements with Kailasa - the fictional country invented by self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda.

MARCH 18, 2023

Nithyananda's 'country' Kailasa duped over 30 American cities into signing a “cultural partnership” with it, a Fox News report has revealed. The report came days after Newark in the state of New Jersey admitted it was conned into becoming a "Sister City" with the fake nation of Kailasa.

The sister-city agreement between Newark and the fake ‘United States of Kailasa’ was inked on January 12 this year. “Newark thought Kailasa was a Hindu nation just off the coast of Ecuador. No one in the entire Newark government thought to themselves, ‘There's a Hindu island off the coast of South America?’” Fox News host Jesse Watters said while reacting to the scam.

Besides Newark, cities like Richmond, Dayton and Buena Park have all signed agreements with Kailasa. Fox News said that it reached out to some of the cities in the US for a reaction on signing an agreement with the fake nation. Most of the cities confirmed the proclamations were true.

Jacksonville in North Carolina, for example, told Fox News: "Our proclamations with Kailasa are not an endorsement. They are a response to a request and we do not verify the information that is requested."

Nithyananda is the main accused in several cases in India, including rape, torture, kidnapping and wrongful confinement of children, under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). He is also being reportedly investigated by French authorities for an alleged fraud of $400,000.

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