Jan 8, 2014

9 months on, cops record Varma’s statement in rape complaint

TNN | Dec 28, 2013, 03.08 AM IST

BHOPAL: Nine months after a school teacher levelled rape charges against him, Girish Chandra Varma, chairman of Maharishi Vidya Mandir schools group, recorded his statement in Mahila Thana on Friday, and denied allegations. 

Clad in white kurta, Varma turned up at Mahila Thana in style, leaving others in little doubt about the clout he wields. 

When the complainant urged the police to register a rape case against Varma, she was told to move out of the police station. Varma, all this while remained comfortably seated in chamber of the station house officer for some five hours till his statement was recorded. 

The SUV, in which Varma reached the thana drew up in front of the police station entrance. Before Varma could climb out of the vehicle, city superintendent of police (CSP) Saleem Khan forced the waiting media persons to leave the police station premises with their vehicles to ensure a smooth passage for Varma's high-end vehicle. 

Varma turned up after two notices were slapped on him this month, sources said. In his 11-page statement, he denied the rape charges. He was accompanied by his lawyer. His supporters were standing outside. Police said he remained calm and confident while answering all questions. 

As for why it took months to record Varma's statement despite the complaint, cops were ready with answer. They blamed it on confusion about the case. The police said there was a reason as the complainant after approaching the State Women's Commission (SWC), had refused police action. 

On Friday, the complainant and her husband kept flinging accusations of police inaction. They duo said the case spoiled family's future. At one point, the teary-eyed complainant said she was forced to quit the job for raising her voice against years of sexual harassment by Varma. 

Instead of arresting Varma, police called my octogenarian father-in-law to record his statement on December 25, she said, adding that instead of getting justice, she is facing a defamation suit for raising her voice against Varma. Demanding Varma's arrest, the couple sat in front of police station, saying they would not move unless the influential Varma was nabbed. 

Holding a match box, she threatened to commit suicide if denied justice. The woman's husband said if people like Asaram, Narayan Sai can be booked for rape on complaint of women, what was stopping the police from filing a rape case against Varma. 

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