Jan 8, 2014

Cops take Varma to his ashram, carry out searchs

TNN | Jan 1, 2014, 03.10 PM IST

BHOPAL: Chancellor of Maharishi Vedic University and head of its group of schools, Girish Chandra Verma, who has been accused of rape by a school-teacher, was taken to his sprawling Bhojpur Road ashram by the police on Tuesday. During the journey Verma was seated between women cops in the police jeep.

Before leaving the police station, Varma reiterated that it was a conspiracy against him planned by those who lost their jobs at the ashram and at the Vidya Mandir.

Clad in whites, Varma was first taken to Mahila Thana from Jehangirabad police station in the morning. Apart from officials of Jehangirabad police circle, Nirbhaya mobile unit of city police also went to the ashram.

At the ashram, Varma, was greeted by hundreds of supporters as soon as the police jeep reached there. The entrance gates were locked as soon as convoy of police jeeps went in. For roughly four hours, police searched the entire ashram extensively. There was no electricity at the ashram initially, that hindered the search operation but later electricity services was restored. Officials also looked for any secret route or tunnel at the ashram.

Police sources said Varma's passport has been seized so that he cannot leave the country without informing the police while the white Audi Q7 car, in which the woman alleged she was raped last time in January 2013, was also seized. Police have seized some other articles and documents from the ashram.

The woman had told police that they could get her pictures, objectionable video of her made by Varma, pen drives and other incriminating documents at Varma's ashram. However, police officials said they went through a number of photo albums but could not found anything objectionable. Complainants have alleged it to be a bid by police to weaken the case.

At the ashram the police team was relaxed and seen sipping tea offered by the 'sevadars'. Police officials said they are looking for incriminating documents and trying to corroborate evidences.

Investigating officials have also not ruled out the possibility of getting the complainant and accused face to face for questioning so that the charges could be confirmed. The complainant was called at the Mahila thana for singing few documents in the evening.

Cops said Varma's tantrums about 'upwas, maun and dhyan'(fast, silence and meditation) are being used as a tool effectively not to cooperate with the investigations.

Varma would be produced in court around 4 pm on Wednesday. Police said they would possibly not press for an extension of his remand, which means that Varma would go to jail as chances of getting bail for him at this stage are bleak, the police added.

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