Apr 13, 2016

Class action lawsuit against Scientology’s drug rehabs refiled with new plaintiffs

Tony Ortega
The Underground Bunker
April 13, 2016

The last time we checked in with Indiana attorney Jonathan Little, we talked to him about how a class-action lawsuit against Scientology’s Narconon system had hit a rough patch.
If you’ve been keeping up with our Narconon coverage over the last few years, you know that suing the rehab network turned into a cottage industry as a number of lawyers realized that Narconon’s essentially deceptive business model made it ripe for accusations of fraud.
Scientology either claims credit for Narconon as its glorious attempt to rid the earth of drug addiction or, depending on the circumstances, pretends that it has almost no connection to the rehab centers. The truth is that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, as documents show, saw Narconon as a way to spread Scientology’s influence as an organization interested in “social betterment.” But Hubbard didn’t want that goal to seem overt. Narconon was one of several stealthy front groups that pushed Scientology concepts while pretending to be “secular” and not a part of the Scientology empire.

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