Apr 13, 2016

My Response To The Church Of Scientology's War Against Psychiatrics

Emma O'Connell
The Odyssey Online
April 12, 2016

This church is straining to eradicate a necessity

Church of Scientology
I would probably be dead if it were not for psychiatric medicine. If I had not undergone many types of extremely important therapies, and been given prescriptions to multiple medications by psychiatrists, I would most likely not be here right now.

The Church of Scientology holds the belief that psychiatric drugs are an evil form of abuse, and on their website, even compare them to "pre-frontal lobotomies with an ice pick through the socket." They also speak of electroconvulsive therapy as a barbaric act, yet if done correctly, it saves many lives today. The nationally famous Mayo Clinic is even a fan of it, as it now poses more benefits than risks for patients who are suffering greatly and require it.

In the same page on this website, the Church completely denounces the existence of mental health itself, and only refers to the mentally ill as "insane". The Church attempts to seem humane by stating that they do not "desire to deny the insane treatment", yet continue on to say that psychiatric drugs should not be allowed, thus already denying one form of extremely effective treatment.

The Church of Scientology does not believe in the process of providing a diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, as they refuse to deem any medical diagnosis as what it is, and refer to them only as "labels". The truth of the matter is that diagnoses are extremely helpful to patients, as they will allow the patient to be treated correctly, as he or she would not have been able to experience before his or her crucial medical diagnosis. The website seems to carry a sarcastic tone, as it will only refer to the words "treatment" and "cure" in quotation marks, not to quote someone else, but to create a connotation of incredibility. Little does the Church know that the enormous lies that they are spinning are decreasing their credibility a lot more.

What is really intriguing is that the Church preaches that psychiatric drugs are just a way for psychiatrists to "rake in billions" as "an elaborate and deadly hoax" fueled by profitable businesses. The way the Church speaks of these profitable businesses is extremely negative. The average salary for a psychiatrist is about $186,000 and they receive barely any of the money associated with the selling of the prescriptions that they write for their patients. The Church of Scientology is worth $1.75 billion and, since it is not required to pay taxes, ends up turning a huge profit. What seems even more unsettling is that the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was a multimillionaire. We aren't even talking low millions, either. Hubbard's net worth was $600 million. Plus, the current leader of the Church, David Miscavige, has a net worth of $50 million.

Now, what do we call an establishment not run by the government that rakes in a profit? Oh, that's right: a profitable business. As Chris Matthews states in an article from Fortune.com, "If Scientology isn't a religion, then it's just a very, very famous small business." It seems as though the Church of Scientology is using projection as a defense mechanism to hide their own ugly truth, but I'm sure they don't even know what "projection" means, seeing that it is a psychological term and all.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an organization created by the Church of Scientology with the supposed purpose of eliminating abuse in the psychiatric world. Their international website blatantly explains that mental disorders are not real, and spews many incorrect statements about psychiatry as a whole. This church created an entire organization to attempt to take away prescription psychiatric medicine from everyone. This in itself is abuse unto the psychiatric world. The Church continues to project its own hypocritical points and uphold an entirely contradictory organization.

I could write an entire book about Scientology and the corrupt organization it created that has been set out to destroy a whole form of a lifesaving medical practice, but I will leave you with this for now. If the Church had its way, I would never have been allowed to be prescribed medication for my psychiatric disorders. The Church of Scientology is straining to eradicate a necessity for millions of people. They want us to suffer.


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