Apr 7, 2016

Polygamy and Trafficting

Polygamy and Trafficting
Polygamy and Trafficting

Christine Marie Katas is a survivor of “polygamy” and human trafficking. She started this digital information center in 2009.

"My goal was to send a wake up call to the public about how religious coercion can be more powerful than a loaded weapon, and how thousands of vulnerable, believing people are enslaved in “the name of God” by their ecclesiastical fiduciaries.

Due to my personal experiences, I felt like an expert on the overlooked relationship between patriarchal polygamy and human trafficking. I have referred countless people here over the years, have had thousands of visitors pouring through these pages and am overjoyed that finally this message is starting to take root in law enforcement, in human rights conversations, in government agencies and in trafficking organizations.

Religion is a way for predators to “legally” exploit, manipulate and enslave people. Spiritual advisors, cult leaders, religious leaders or clergy of any sort NOT involved in polygamy can also use undue influence and deceptive and/or coercive practices to manipulate their followers to achieve slave-like obedience – thereby gaining access to their bodies, resources, and labor. Such ecclesiastical exploitation can result in human trafficking and a violation of human rights."

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