Apr 13, 2016

South Korean Catholics warned to avoid cults Dangerous sects proliferating on college campuses, diocese says

April 13, 2016
The Youth Department of Suwon Diocese in South Korea has cautioned Catholics not to be dazzled by the popularity of newly risen cults on college campuses.

The department recently released a warning notice to parishes instructing Catholics to avoid involvement in cults that have been gaining in popularity on South Korean college campuses recently.

In the notice, the diocese said that college-aged students are often vulnerable to the lure of cults, who target the young and uninformed.

Cult involvement often results in "serious problems" for followers, including loss of studies and jobs, struggling with parents and running away from home.

Cult members recruit new adherents through club or volunteer activities, the statement said.

“The final goal of the newly-risen cults is to recruit people to their Bible classes. So one should avoid such classes if it is not authentically conducted by the Catholic Church [or] immediately drop out from the class.”

“Once people get involved in such cults, it is hard to escape them and overcome the wounds. As prevention is the best, families and the church communities should cooperate to prevent and countermeasure such cults,” the statement said.

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