Aug 4, 2016

Pentecostal church body blasts bogus pastors

3 AUGUST 2016

New Era (Windhoek) Namibia

By Eveline De Klerk


Swakopmund — The Association of Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches of Namibia (ACPCN) has slammed seemingly bogus, money-making pastors and churches for tarnishing the image of Pentecostal churches in the country.

ACPCN, which convened a press conference last weekend, noted that fly-by-night pastors, especially foreign preachers, are the ones responsible for misleading and scamming the gullible faith-hungry of their hard-earned cash and properties, while the true gospel-spreading churches are being blamed for such evil deeds.

According to ACPCN president, Jan Gawaseb, churches are there to assist the vulnerable and poor of the country and not to cunningly separate them from their cash and promote some dubious agendas.

"We are the ambassadors of our people and thus not all of us should be blamed for the mishaps of some foreign pastors," thundered Gawaseb.

He pointed out that not all foreign pastors and churches are fake or engage in criminal activities.

He highlighted the need for the police to work closely with the organisation or engage ACPCN when dealing with such issues, especially in cases where sexual violations are suspected, as some pastors even trick their flocks to engage with them in unprotected sex.

"It is best if we work hand in hand with the police to serve justice on fake pastors, and assist with the restoration of the faith of the victims. Why should we the genuine Pentecostal churches be restricted for the undesirable activities carried out by fake pastors?" he asked.

Pastor Stanley Gawanab also appealed to various local authorities to avail land to Pentecostal churches and not only to shebeens.

"The reason why we have church services in your homes is due to a lack of land. But now you want to close down our churches, while shebeens are being operated from home," he explained.

He added that not all churches are loud and noisy as perceived - and simply are there to serve. "We are not here to rob anyone from a house or property, but to uplift our community through prayer and worship," said Gawanab.


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