Aug 15, 2016

18th annual sexual and ritual abuse conference was held Sunday

By Tashanea Whitlow
August 14, 2016

WINDSOR LOCKS, Connecticut (WWLP) – 18th Annual Sexual and Ritual abuse conference was held Sunday. Severe sexual abuse and torture victims from all over the world gathered in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, to learn how to deal with their trauma.
Survivor and organizer Neil Brick of Easthampton told 22News, “This is a conference to educate people.”
The conference is a safe haven for victims. “It validates their experience and unifies survivors,” said Brick. He went on to tell 22News, “A lot of people suffer child abuse, that’s unfortunate that people do. So people can talk to others and realize they’re not alone. They can learn about resources on the internet and books that can help them.”
Some victims have endured severe abuse at the hands of cults and family members.
Some were even victims of sex trafficking.
A conference therapist, who declined to give her name, for privacy reasons, told 22News, “These people are some of the bravest and most inspiring people that I have ever known.”
Educational material, like books and audio CDs are available to survivors to help encourage the healing process, even after the conference is over.
The conference was two days. And privacy is vital. For some victims, just the sight of a camera can create anxiety. Many had their abuse videotaped.
“The brokenness in this situation is tremendous, but the human spirit is so incredible to navigate, just trying to get thru it, because people want to get better. They want to be free,” said the therapist.
She continued by saying, “Some have never known what a normal life is.”
The conference also teaches clinicians vital skills on how to deal with sexual abuse trauma.

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