Aug 28, 2016

Raelians promote Go Topless Day in Vancouver and more than 50 other cities on Sunday (August 28)



by Charlie Smith on August 27th, 2016 

The website has a simple slogan: "Free your breasts! Free Your Mind!"

And this message is encouraging women in nearly 60 cities, including Vancouver, to remove their tops on Sunday (August 28) as part of Go Topless Day.

Go Topless Day was founded a decade ago by Raelians, who are followers of their prophet, Rael. He was a French motor-sports journalist formerly named Claude Vorilhon before claiming to have had an encounter with an extraterrestrial. This prompted him to found the Raelian movement in 1974.

The Vancouver event is open to men and women and begins at 1 p.m. on Sunday outside the Safeway store at the corner of Robson and Denman streets.

"The right to be topless in parks, on beaches, around the pool, etc. must be equal for all, or for none!" the organizers say on aFacebook page. "In Vancouver it is legal to do so but not everyone knows and not everyone is respecting this right. In order to make our point, we are asking men to wear either an X over their nipples or a bikini top or bra."

They argue that it's not fair for women to be forced to cover their breasts in many cities when men aren't subjected to the same rule.

"No woman should be humiliated or harassed because she takes a quiet sunbath topless, while men are allowed," the group insists. "The more women that exercise their right freely, the less other will react around them."

Raelians embrace nudity, use the swastika on top of the Star of David as a symbol of peace, and believe that human beings were created by "Elohim". This, they say, is a species of extraterrestrials.

"Since its founding it has grown steadily and now counts more than 85,000 members in 104 countries and about 170 Guides who lead the activities of the Movement under the direction of the Prophet RAEL," the organizations states on its website.

This summer, Raelians held protests against Roland Emmerich's movie, Independence Day: Resurgence, maintaining that it promoted hatred against extraterrestrials.

Raelians pay attention to prophesies espoused by the founder. In a recent bulletin to members, Rael revealed that the 60 wealthiest people on Earth "are now secretly building an underground complex that can withstand any nuclear, chemical or biological world war or world revolution".

"This complex will have room for the 60 richest people and their families for a total of 480 people; plus 240 top scientists, especially geneticists and agronomists; 60 medical people representing all the specialties; 120 military commandos to keep order and protect the complex from any force trying to enter it (plus batteries of remotely controlled missiles and drones); and 60 of the most beautiful young women to repopulate the earth after the cataclysm ends and the atmosphere is clean again," the statement declared.

There was no word on whether Donald Trump will be one of those admitted into this elaborate bunker.


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