Aug 23, 2016

Channel 4 documentary series to look at polygamy in the US

ATV Today


Lynn Swift


Channel 4 commissions The Polygamists a documentary series focusing on fundamentalist Mormons living in the heart of the Utah desert.


The broadcaster and KEO Films have secured unprecedented access to a unique community living in homes carved into the face of a vast sandstone rock. Over half of the residents practice ‘plural marriage’ and 12 months of footage edited into four hour long films will offer an intimate and revealing insight into the everyday lives of modern polygamous families.

The series captures both birth and death within the community along with the logistics of bringing up supersize families and the highs and lows of communal living.

As political debate rages on about whether polygamy should be considered a crime and with the mainstream Mormon church keen to distance itself from a practice it renounced almost 130 years ago, the films also explore how the families deal with the attitudes and curiosity of wider American society.

The Polygamists could see a change of title and was commissioned by Anna Miralis. The Executive Producers are Will Anderson and Andrew Palmer, Vicky Mitchell is Series Producer, Tanya Winston Series Director from Keo Films.


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