Sep 28, 2016

Cult Leader, Sex Offender William 'Little Pebble' Kamm Talks Life In Jail

The Order of St Charbel leader also wants to start his own political party.

Huffington Post Australia


·        Josh Butler Associate Editor, HuffPost Australia


William Kamm says that God and the Virgin Mary speak to him. In fact, the man -- who led a secretive sect near Nowra, NSW, called the Order of St Charbel -- says he was told that the world was coming to an end, that he would be the last Pope, and that it was his duty to take 12 queens and 72 princesses and repopulate the Earth with his "holy seed".

It was acting on this belief that led him to being convicted of several sex offences in the mid-2000s, sentenced to 10 years jail for having sex with two 15-year-old girls. Kamm, known as the 'Little Pebble', was granted parole in 2014, and has recently appeared in a new video where he talks about aspirations to start a new political party and of the conditions in Goulburn jail. He claims to have had faeces and urine thrown at him, and still protests his innocence.


Kamm claims he started talking to God and Virgin Mary when he was 18. Since then, he says he has had many hundreds of audiences with the two, described as "apparitions". Kamm says God told him of a coming apocalypse, and that he, Kamm, would lead the survivors through as Pope. He would also have to repopulate the world with the help of the 84 queens and princesses. The Order of St Charbel -- located in a quiet part of Cambewarra, two and a half hours south of Sydney, and established in the 1980s -- was his own, a sect following Catholic beliefs but later disendorsed by the church. He convinced dozens to follow him, with a "Royal House" established where he fathered at least 20 children, according to reports.


For much of the Order's existence, it was treated as a novelty and quirk, with curious reporters delving into the background behind the sect. Attention was further drawn to Kamm and his sect when the Catholic Church officially denounced him in 2002, saying the order's teachings were "false, harmful and contrary to those of the Catholic Church".


A few years later, Kamm was charged with sexual assault, stemming from incidents in 1993 where he had sex with a 15-year-old girl. He reportedly told her "we can make love any time but you can not fall pregnant yet... I know how to make love to you without you falling pregnant." In 2007, he was convicted of similar charges in relation to another young girl in his order.


He was granted parole in late 2014, and since then has largely stayed out of the media spotlight. But as the Illawarra Mercury points out, Kamm recently gave a lengthy interview to Justice Action, a prison advocacy group.


In the 38-minute video, Kamm continues his argument that he was innocent of the charges that landed him in Goulburn jail, talks of clearing his name and having his conviction overturned, and of being targeted on the inside once fellow inmates heard of his crimes.

"As soon as you're tagged with a sexual offence immediately you're honoured as the worst of the worst," Kamm claimed.

"Inmates would climb up the fence, maybe 15 to 20 feet high, and take rocks, milk cartons with urine and hard apples and throw it at you and excretions at you while you were walking to get to the visiting area. They did this to me many times and the officers just stood back and did nothing."

Kamm also claimed he had formed a new political party "for the purpose of prisoners" and prison advocacy.

"[The party] is not registered yet by the government but the government knows about it because they've written to me," he said.

"It's a political party for the purpose of prisoners. And it's called the Republic Reform and Justice Party.

"It's basically to change the justice system, it needs to be changed drastically, that prisoners are treated as human beings, not numbers."

There is no such party currently listed on the Australian Electoral Commission's register of political parties, but the party has registered a website. Included on the site is a list of policies including abolishing state governments, compulsory military duties and conscription as well as tripling the size of the Australian military, loosening gun laws, decriminalising prostitution and removing taxation from the profession. Despite Kamm's description of the party, only one of the 25 listed policies seems to deal directly with prison, a policy about juvenile detention centres.


The 21st policy claims that the "statute of Limitations for crime should be limited to five (5) years. No exceptions".


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