Sep 15, 2016

When your husband decides to abandon you and his kids to live in a hippie commune

by fluffypancakes
September 15, 2016

My husband of ten years has recently decided to quit his job to go live in a hippie commune where he says he will acquire "valuable knowledge" where from there, he will then be able to live "freely" off the land, and not have to work for the "corrupt monetary system" anymore. he wants me and my children to follow him to "the truth". I know this all sounds crazy. Because it is. My divorce attorney is probably like WTF. 

The cult leader at this commune is named Quinn Eaker. Dude is cringey AF. If you go to YouTube and search for his name you can see what I'm talking about. I also have factual evidence of polygamy going on there. He sleeps with whoever he wants under the cloak of being "spiritual" or some shit like that. It was also raided by the swat in 2013. So there's that. And 

My husband says not worry that he will remain "faithful" to me while he's there. LOL he couldn't remain faithful to me even on the best terms of our relationship, idk what makes him think he can keep that "promise" now that everything has gone to shit. Honestly I should've dumped him 4 years ago when he cheated on me but I decided to give him another chance. How stupid of me. Anyways. Thanks to whoever read this rant!

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