Mar 16, 2017

The Move (Sam Fife)

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The Move (also known as The Move of the Spirit or Move of God) is the unofficial name of a non-denominational charismatic Christian group that was started in the 1960s in Florida by Sam Fife, a former Baptist preacher.

In his ministry in the early 1960s, Sam Fife used elements of charismatic ministry, first at his church in New Orleans, then in his prayer group in Miami, Florida. He was a former Baptist preacher and his theology has been related to the Body of Christ movement.[1]

At a time of searching by young people and social disruption, Fife's teachings inspired groups throughout United States, Canada and, later, other countries. Considered by some to be an apostle, under the concept of the Fivefold ministry, Fife attracted a group of ministers who believed his vision of the role of the church in the "end times". In the fall 1971, Fife began to preach what was referred to as the "Wilderness Message."

Within a few years, thousands of his followers had moved to a number of communal farms, mostly in Alaska, Canada, and Colombia.[2] They followed various practices in combining their resources in common. Sam Fife wrote numerous booklets about his beliefs, which were distributed among members of The Move. At the age of 54, he died with three of his followers in the "Body of Christ", in a plane crash in Guatemala on April 26, 1979.[1][3]

Following Fife's death, his teachings were carried on by other ministers in The Move, notably C.E. "Buddy" Cobb. In 1982, Cobb and others founded Covenant Life College, with sites in Whitehorse and Yukon, Alaska and Fitzgerald, Georgia. The Move's traveling ministers operate under the name International Ministerial Association (IMA). Small groups of The Move continue to operate, primarily in rural areas, in the first decade of the 21st century, but their numbers have declined since the late 1990s.

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