Apr 21, 2017

Girls in sex cult doc's photos may be from Delhi; cops send team

n of vice?: Little Flower society in Bandra, where Sunil Kulkarni had been staying since a few months
Den of vice?: Little Flower society in Bandra,
 where Sunil Kulkarni had been staying since a few months
The Hindu
APRIL 22, 2017

During interrogation, Kulkarni denies ásking youngsters to leave home; police say he was running similar racket in Delhi

Mumbai: The girls whose explicit pictures were found on pen drives at the residence of sex cult racket accused Sunil Kulkarni might be from Delhi, where he originally hails from, investigating officers said on Friday.

Kulkarni, who was accused of influencing young girls and taking advantage of them in a petition filed before the Bombay High Court, was arrested by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch on Thursday.

While searching his Bandra residence, the police had found three pen drives containing explicit pictures of young girls and videos of young men and women engaged in sexual acts, which seem to have been recorded using hidden cameras.

“Investigations so far indicate that Kulkarni was running a similar racket in Delhi, and the girls whose pictures we found might be Delhi residents. A team is leaving for Delhi by Saturday to investigate this aspect,” an officer who is part of the investigation said.

Kulkarni's interrogation so far has revealed that while he had several young women under his influence, he did not encourage them to leave their families and stay with him.

“The two sisters whose parents had gone to court against Kulkarni were staying with him because relations were severely strained between them and their parents. All the other girls who were under his influence continued to stay with their families. Kulkarni encouraged this, and called them over only when he wanted to. We suspect this was a deliberate attempt to not attract the attention of neighbours. Residents of the building in Bandra where he was staying were surprised when we made inquiries,” the officer said.

The police team being sent to Delhi will try to trace the girls in the images and will also be recording a statement from his estranged wife, who stays in Delhi.

Meanwhile, the crime branch is also probing Kulkarni’s source of income and verifying claims he has made about his profession. Kulkarni has claimed to be a visiting faculty in several colleges in Mumbai and a corporate trainer for several companies. The police have contacted all institutions to verify his claims.

“Kulkarni had earlier claimed to have completed his MD in Psychiatry from the Indira Gandhi Medical College in Nagpur. However, the college has confirmed that they don’t offer such a course,” an officer said.


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