Aug 10, 2018

Cardinal O'Malley opens inquiry into allegations posted online by former seminarians
August 10, 2018

O'Malley called alleged activities 'contrary to the moral standards' of priesthood

Cardinal Sean O'Malley is opening an inquiry into allegations involving St. John's Seminary, which were posted online over the past week by two former seminarians.
The editorial that spawned the inquiry was posted Aug. 3 on a Catholic website,, which describes itself as advocating for the restoration of Catholic tradition.

In the editorial, author John Monaco writes in the first-person about what he says he experienced while attending a seminary. Allegations include an explicit conversation with an older seminarian about masturbation and a drinking party with other seminarians. St. John's is not explicitly identified in the editorial.

Another former seminarian, Andrew Solkshintz, posted on the Archdiocese of Boston's Facebook page Tuesday, with a link to Monaco's editorial. His message identifies St. John's as the seminary involved.

"I can confirm that this is true and in fact there are so many similar stories about this place," he wrote. "As a former Boston seminarian for 3 years I am calling upon the church to seriously examine the seminary located on Lake street. The church has not learned her lesson and maybe if the stories are once again made public then things will finally change."
In response to the postings, O'Malley announced Friday that he asked Msgr. James P. Moroney, rector of St. John’s, to immediately go on sabbatical leave for the fall semester. Rev. Stephen E. Salocks was appointed to serve as the interim rector.

O'Malley also announced that he had appointed a team to oversee an inquiry into the allegations. 

"I have directed this group to proceed with due seriousness of their assignment and as soon as possible to submit to me the findings of the inquiry and a set of recommendations to assure appropriate standards of professional behavior in compliance with Church teaching at all levels of seminary life," O'Malley wrote in a statement. "The faculty, staff and students at the seminary will be advised of my expectation that they will fully cooperate with the inquiry."

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