Aug 28, 2018

Jellyfish Kingdom sect leader sent to psychiatric institution by police

Aisyah Tusalamah Baiduri Intan, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Jellyfish Kingdom.(
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The Jakarta Post
August 28, 2018

The Serang Police in Banten have sent the leader of the Jellyfish Kingdom sect to a psychiatric institution to undergo a second psychiatric examination after a preliminary examination showed indications she has a mental disorder.

Serang Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Komarudin said on Friday that 38-year-old Aisyah Tusalamah Baiduri Intan, the leader of the sect who named herself Queen of the Jellyfish Kingdom, would ask for a second opinion from the Grogol Psychiatric Hospital in Jakarta. She will be in the hospital for two weeks.
Serang Police have named Aisyah a suspect of spreading hate speech on social media and have charged her under Article 28 of the 2018 Electronic Information and Transactions Law.

“We have examined seven videos [uploaded by Aisyah to YouTube ] and those videos meet the criteria to be deemed as spreading hate speech,” Komarudin said, as quoted by

In one video, Aisyah talks about a bank account in Switzerland. She says that since 2015 no has been able to open the lock to the account except Sang Hyang Tunggal or The One, who she proclaims to be herself, as a reincarnation of a queen.

Anyone who believed her was welcome to join her. She claimed that by showing her palms, eyes and hair she could make the bank in Switzerland give her all the treasures of Indonesia.

The Serang Police pressed ahead will legal action against Aisyah after receiving a recommendation and legal opinion from the local chapter of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Serang, which stated the Jellyfish Kingdom was "heretical".

However, Komarudin said the police had yet to charge the suspect under articles related to blasphemy.
“We will be very careful in terms of blasphemy because it is a very sensitive issue,” he added. (sau)

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