Aug 29, 2018


Religious Exemptions to Medical Care of Sick Children - Fall 2017
CHILD USA conducts evidence-based legal, medical, and social science research to identify laws and policies affecting child protection. With these facts, CHILD USA shines a light on the better pathways to truly protect all children from abuse and neglect.

What We Do
Children’s Healthcare is a Legal Duty. Sexual abuse and the maltreatment of children have an all too frequent impact on Children’s health. These acts often occur in secret, behind closed doors, but have public consequences. Victims, their families, and the public pay a high price even decades after the violence ends. CHILD USA cuts through the shame and the secrecy to gather and analyze the data behind abuse and neglect.

CHILD USA conducts research, compiles evidence, promotes ideas, and proposes the most effective policies to prevent childhood abuse and neglect. CHILD USA draws on the combined expertise of the nation’s leading medical and legal academics to reach evidence-based solutions to persistent and widespread child abuse and neglect. All child victims deserve justice, and CHILD USA aims to find the path for them.

Current Laws for Child Protection
CHILD USA is tracking four types of laws that are putting children at risk so that we can study and improve those laws to prevent abuse and neglect:

Statutes of Limitation for Child Sex Abuse
  • Age of Majority, Consent, and Marriage
  • Religious Liberty Statutes
  • Medical Neglect Laws 
  • We are investigating the states with inadequate legal protection against child sex abuse, physical abuse, and neglect.

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