Aug 13, 2018

Faith to Faithless

"Although irreligious people account for an estimated 17%-22% of the world’s population (ICM/BBC), people who do not believe are treated poorly. Discrimination and ill treatment can span multiple areas of life, including the familial, societal, institutional and state level."

"Discrimination can be further compounded for those who are minorities within minorities (e.g. Ex Muslims, Ex Jews, Ex Mormons, Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc)."

"Faith to Faithless was started in mid-2015 by Imtiaz Shams and Aliyah Saleem to 1) draw attention to the discrimination faced in particular by minority within minorities 2) give a platform to the faithless to come out in public and speak out against this discrimination."

"To date, we have held 5 events, received >570,000 views between our videos and a BBC documentary, in the Times, in the Spectator and the Guardian. Our events have led to other apostates coming out publically on our events, on their social media and to their family."

"We want this website to become a first port of call for ex-religious people everywhere, who often feel alone and just need to know that they aren’t. We are going to keep adding videos, doing events and helping bring people together."

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