Sep 5, 2018

Chile: A 33-year-old engineer dies after taking ayahuasca

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September 4, 2018

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It is a well-known brew of Andean and Amazonian origin that allows hallucinogenic experiences, which some describe as true  "mystical journeys" . We talked about the ayahuasca , the same that the Chilean leader Antares de la Luzconsumed   with his group of followers of the sect that he headed, and that ended up murdering a baby in 2012, as El Morrocotudo recalls.

According to  La Estrella de Arica , a 33-year-old civil engineer died on September 2 in his home located in the Chile town of Arica. The publication details that the police have an important clue to determine the cause of death of the man. It turns out that a colleague of the fatal victim informed the PDI that his friend had traveled to Tacna (Peru), where he supposedly  got ayahuasca, which he introduced into the country in a coolant can  for vehicles.

According to the background that is handled, the engineer  died minutes after having ingested the liquid"Although the autopsy of rigor declared the death as indeterminate, similarly the expert opinions will follow to determine if the fatal victim finally ingested the liquid and if it was precisely ayahuasca, which should be checked after the chemical tests , " hetold  La Estrella  the Deputy Commissioner of the BH of the PDI, Rafael Herrera.

As reported by  El Mercurio , people close to the deceased, who underwent an autopsy to determine the causes of his death, would have testified about  the purchase of the plant in Peru , and its subsequent transfer and eventual consumption in Chilean territory.

In  Ahora Noticias  we read that according to the first data provided by the Investigative Police, the 33-year-old professional worked for the Natural Resources Information Center (CIREN) of the Ministry of Agriculture, and was at the northern gate of the country performing work for that company.

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