Sep 25, 2018

The Korean “Rush Hour of the Gods” and Daesoon Jinrihoe

The Journal of CESNUR

PierLuigi Zoccatelli
Pontifical Salesian University
The Journal of CESNUR

ABSTRACT: This issue (Volume 2, Issue 5 
September—October 2018) of The Journal of CESNUR is devoted to Daesoon Jinrihoe, the largest contemporary new religion in South Korea. New religions in South Korea are among the largest and fastest-growing religious movements in the world, yet they are understudied outside of their home country. Their growth confirms that in our allegedly “secularized” world, new religions continue to be  born, flourish, and expand internationally. The case of Daesoon Jinrihoe is discussed by contributors of this issue in its own merits, without relying on generalizations on Korean new religions. On the other hand, both the Korean and the larger East Asian contexts are considered in all articles.

Introduction: The Korean “Rush Hour of the Gods” and Daesoon Jinrihoe
PierLuigi Zoccatelli

Cultural Identity and New Religions in Korea
Kang Donku

New Religions and Daesoon Jinrihoe in Korea
Yoon Yongbok

Daesoon Jinrihoe: An Introduction
Massimo Introvigne

Personal Lineage as the Main Organizational Principle in Daesoon
Park Sangkyu

Theories of Suffering in East Asian Religions: The Case of Daesoon
Cha Seon-Keun

The Yeoju Headquarters Temple Complex as a Center for Social Welfare
and Humanitarian Aid
Rosita Šorytė

Problems in Researching Korean New Religions: A Case Study of Daesoon
Yoon Yongbok and Massimo Introvigne

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