Sep 5, 2018

Healer tells court he is Leonardo da Vinci reincarnated

The Australian

Self styled spiritual healer — Serge Benhayon — has told a Sydney jury when he saw himself described on social media as a “sleazebag guru” and “treatment room pervert” he felt “raped”.

“The level of intrusion went to another level,’ Mr Benhayon said.

“The attempt to demolish my reputation … you feel raped, you feel you have been stripped.”

Mr Benhayon is suing a former patient, Esther Rockett, who had first come to see him for treatment in late 2004.

The court has heard Ms Rockett posted a blog in November 2014 allegedly slandered Mr Benhayon, calling him a “sexual predator” who was running a cult using “bogus’ therapies which “preyed’ on cancer victims”.

She also alleged treatments offered at Mr Benhayon’s Universal Medicine practice near Lismore in the state’s far north included anus and vulva “needling” and detailed her own experience of being “subjected to a “sleazy ovarian reading’ by Mr Benhayon.

“Ms Rockett basically crossed every line,’ Mr Benhayon said. “You feel the impact of the onslaught because … I feel the forces that are trying to intrude.”

Under cross examination by Ms Rockett’s barrister, Tom Molomby QC, Mr Benhayon was questioned at length about his belief he could sense “discarnate spirits” in the courtroom this morning.

Pressed repeatedly by Mr Molomby to “point one out” or at least give a rough number how many were present in the room, Mr Benhayon refused, explaining that according to “the rule of my soul, the rule of the ageless wisdom”, to do so would be a breach of his teachings.

“You feel them coming in you feel them leave you feel them all the time,’ Mr Benhayon said.

“There are some that were present when I walked in and particularly when you walked in.”

Asked by Mr Molomby how he knew he was right about the spirits which he couldn’t see, he said; “I am disciplined to feel it … disciplined by my own ability to connect to my stillness”

The hearing continues.

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