Sep 6, 2018

Universal Medicine - Cult NEWS 101: Group Information and Article Collection

Universal Medicine
Group: Universal Medicine
Leader: Serge Benhayon
Website: Universal Medicine

This page contains information CultNEWS101 has gathered about Universal Medicine.


"Universal Medicine (UM) is an alternative medicine and self-proclaimed religious organisation providing "Esoteric healing" products, music, publications, workshops and courses. None of the healing modalities are evidence-based or have been proven effective by scientific research. It is headed by its founder Serge Benhayon, a former bankrupt tennis coach from Maroubra who has no medical qualifications. The organization is principally located in Goonellabah and Wollongbar, NSW, Australia. Its UK headquarters is known as "The Lighthouse" and is situated in Tytherington, near Frome, Somerset, England."

"The signature treatments practiced and taught by Universal Medicine are "esoteric breast massage", "esoteric healing", "ovarian readings", "chakra-puncture", "esoteric connective tissue therapy" and "esoteric ovary massage". All treatments were devised by Serge Benhayonwho has claimed the business grosses at least AUD$2 million a year from courses and retreats."

"The followers of its self-proclaimed religion, "The Way of the Livingness", are known collectively as "The Student Body". "The Teachings" are classified into meditation, self-care, nutrition, exercise, music, re-incarnation, psychological wellbeing and the esoteric, and are supported by audio, books, and online lectures. Serge Benhayon reportedly calls himself "the descended master"and followers believe he "was the one sent from (the mythical kingdom of) Shamballa to awaken us all"."

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