Sep 5, 2018

How to Tell if a Group is High-Control

Open Minds
Are you concerned about a group that you or someone you know belongs to? Do you wonder if the group has high-control or manipulative elements?

We are pleased to present an adapted and translated version of this Dutch questionnaire created by our Review Board member, Frances Peters. Anonymous, informative and free, the survey gives immediate, helpful results, based on the five characteristics of high-control groups:
  • Peer pressure and control
  • Dependency on the leadership
  • Separation from normal society
  • Use of harassment
  • Loss of identity
Even if you aren’t part of a high-control group, feel free to take the questionnaire to rate the level of control in your club, church or other organization, or to rate the levels of control of a group you have left.

Take the questionnaire here!

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