Feb 6, 2016

Contact with Cults Was a Part of the Early Childhood of Joaquin Phoenix

Daniel McDonald
Daily News
February 4, 2016
Phoenix Had Diverse Experience as a Child
Joaquin Phoenix had an eventful upbringing. When he was 6, he was signed up by the talent agents and before he got that opportunity, he had travelled all around the South and Central America with his parents and had also been a part of Children of God. This group has been rumored to be a cult. There were rumors that the cult used to sexually abuse the children and there was the convention of partner swapping as well. Phoenix however, has another story to tell. As he said, “As I understand it, you’re on the outside of that group until you’re accepted. I don’t think we ever got to that point, because frankly, as it got closer, I think my parents went, ‘Wait a minute. This is more than a religious community. There’s something else going on here, and this doesn’t seem right.’ And so they left very early on,”
Parents Were Unaware Of the Real Going-Ons
Phoenix defended his parents by saying that they never had any inkling about the real motive of the group. His parents had just thought that the cult was a religious community that shared the same kind of idea they did. As soon as they realized the truth, they backed away from it. He also said that the real problems had started n the 80s when his family was no longer associated with them.
Entry In Showbiz Was Due To His Mother.
After leaving the cult, the family changed their surname into Phoenix and his mother started working for NBC.  It was there that Joaquin got influenced by the spotlight and glamour and showbiz. According to him, entering this new world was the best thing for him.

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