Feb 26, 2016

Church is brainwashing my kids

February 25, 2016
Sowetan Live

A distraught Windhoek mother has called on the police to help save her children from a church she claims is brainwashing them, New Era reports.

Velonika Kautotwa, a Walvis Bay resident, alleged that her two teenage boys had been indoctrinated to such an extent that they had even changed their names in accordance with the church.

According to Kautotwa, the two boys, aged 15 and 17, sold their shoes, clothes and mobile devices in order to make money to give to the church, and the older boy had decided to become a pastor.

She also said that the boys were baptised last year without her consent.

Kautotwa claimed that her children's school performance had suffered as a result of the alleged brainwashing, as the boys spent more time at the church than on their school work.

The church, however, has done little to calm Kautotwa's worries, saying she and her husband should speak to their children about their issues because "the church does not interfere with God's work".

Police confirmed that the matter had been reported to them.


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