Feb 22, 2016


Shyam Prasa
S, Bangalore Mirror Bureau
February 19, 2016

A new video of Nithyananda has been issued by his ashram on Thursday and is on his YouTube channel

Nithyananda disowns video in which he was seen equating soldiers' deaths to suicide or murder, claiming it is the handiwork of 'anti-Hindu forces'

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has disowned the video in which he is shown equating soldiers dying for their country as 'suicide' victims and killing enemy soldiers as 'murder'. In the video, Nithyananda is shown sermonising that soldiers would suffer the same fate as those committing murder and committing suicide in afterlife.

A day after Bangalore Mirror published his comments in the article titled Died fighting for nation? Godman predicts a 'terrorised' afterlife, Nithyananda's ashram said the video was manipulated to tarnish his image. The original video link on YouTube now shows a message that reads "the video has been removed by the user".

Ma Nitya Achalananda, a spokesperson for the ashram, said, "The said video was by someone who is against Paramahamsa Nithyananda's attempts to revive India to its original glory. It is a manipulated video and it is not on our official channel. Someone had uploaded it in our name. If it was ours why would we remove it?"

She said, "Since he (Nithyananda) is a leader of Hinduism, there are multiple sources out to destroy him and provoke people to make him look like an anti-national.

There are two to three other similar videos trying to create a wrong impression about him. But I can send you hundreds of links to videos where he expresses his love, respect for India, its army and Constitution. The fake video is not in sync with his real thoughts."

It is all a conspiracy

A new video of Nithyananda titled, Clarification of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Comments on the Army has been issued by his ashram on Thursday and is on the Nithyananda YouTube channel.

In the new video, Nithyananda says, "Namaste. Some sections of media is tyring to create a controversy saying that I spoke something against Indian Army... some ideas being... cooked up. I just wanted to make my clarification very clearly. I have high regard for India, Indian Constitution and Indian Army. Especially Indian Army, I have a high respect, reverence for Indian Army. Because of Indian Army we are all safe, we are all protected, we are living peaceful life. I neither spoke anything against Indian Army or against our country. I am trying to clarify. I am basically a nationalist."

He hold forth further on the subject, "I support Indian Army in every possible way, with my love, respect, reverence. I wanted to clear this controversy once for all. There are some vested interests, anti-Hindu forces, constantly trying to create controversies around, misquoting, misusing, abusing my words. So here I am giving you clarification once for all, ending this controversy, I am completely in love and in reverence with India and Indian Army." He ends the section with: "I am very clear, I respect, love, revere Indian Army. Thank you."


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