Feb 6, 2016

CTV’s W5 investigates claims by students at former Grenville Christian College

February 05, 2016

Grenville Christian College near Brockville has been closed for a decade. But allegations about the treatment of former students continue to swirl around the former boarding school. Now, some students who attended the private school are speaking out about allegations of their treatment in a CTV, W-5 Documentary. Newswatch's Heather Senoran has a preview.

The allegations are disturbing. Hundreds of former students who used to attend grenville christian college — located here on the outskirts of brockville — have filed a 200-million dollar lawsuit. They want an apology and validation for what they went through. …. claiming the christian school was run like a cult. Here's a sample of what they're saying.
"They took Christianity, which is a religion of love, which was my experience of growing up Anglican… and they inverted it into a cult of hate."

"What was I called? I was called a mutt. I was called an animal. I was called a pig."

"We were told that women were responsible for anything sexual, for turning men on, whatever, turning the boys on. That men just looked at us as pieces of meat. And if a woman got raped that was her fault because she was a temptress as eve was a temptress."

"There are women teachers there. Are they not standing forward and saying don't talk to the girls like this."
"Well it was a very strange thing. No. No women teachers did that."
grenville christian college closed its doors in 2007. what happened in the school for decades is the focus of a "ctv w-5″ documentary … that airs this Saturday on CKWS at 7pm. w-5′s victor malorek met with some former students.
here's a preview of the documentary called — "in the name of god."


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