Feb 6, 2016

Mom murdered her autistic son after seeking help from therapist who believes in ‘Satanic mind control’

Febuary 6, 2016

Jude Mirra and Gigi Jordan (Screenshot/YouTube)
Jude Mirra and Gigi Jordan (Screenshot/YouTube)
In May, New York millionaire Gigi Jordan was sentenced to 18 years in prison for crushing a lethal dose of Ambien and Xanax into a cocktail of juice and vodka and forcing her 8-year-old autistic son, Jude Mirra, to drink it with a syringe while holed up in a luxury hotel room.

Now, an activist is questioning whether Jordan’s horrific act was influenced by a shady and bizarre brand of psychology focused on a conspiratorial idea that Satanists and witches are conducting rituals in which children are sexually assaulted and tortured. Jordan spoke to at least one such psychologist before murdering her child in 2010 while laboring under the belief he was being sexually tortured in Satanic rituals.

“They always used to accuse [critics] of being Satanists,” Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said in an interview with The Raw Story. “It’s really hard to do that with me and expect a reaction.”

Greaves, who co-founded the non-theistic, activist organization whose tenets resemble those of humanism, believes he is uniquely-positioned to put an end to what he calls harmful pseudoscience that in the 1980s drove modern-day witch hunts known as theSatanic Panic. While in the ’80s, belief in ritual abuse led to innocent people serving long prison terms, Greaves believes in 2010 it helped pave the way for Gigi Jordan to murder Jude.

The case drew his attention because it so happens that he has a long-standing historyof countering so-called ritual abuse therapists, who push the belief Satanic cults and witches conspire to horrifically abuse children, resulting in buried memories, which can only be accessed by such therapists. According to Greaves, who has been researching the issue for years, these are false memories — but they result in real psychological trauma and isolation. Ritual abuse and alien abduction are common themes of these memories retrieved via sham therapy sessions.

Through his work, Greaves has become an ally to people known as “retractors” — or people who were made to believe they had been tortured in bizarre ways but then come to realize these memories were planted through suggestion by therapists.

News reports and court records about Jordan seem to illustrate a deeply disturbed, delusional mother who believed a complex, winding conspiracy between her two ex-husbands to both defraud her of large sums of money and horrifically, sexually abuse her son. In the end, Jordan maintains she killed Jude because she thought it was the only way to protect him from the ongoing abuse — abuse she believed caused his autism symptoms. Both men adamantly denied the accusations. Neither has been charged with a crime.

“I wanted him to be safe and at peace at any cost,” Jordan said in an interview with CBS New York.

One of Jude’s therapists, Carol Crow, testified that Jude, who was very limited in communication and motor skills due to his condition, began typing out detailed accusations on Jordan’s Blackberry while Jordan held his arm. The alleged abuse included being forced to drink blood, kill animals and have sex with relatives and babysitters. Crow also testified that Jude had developed multiple personalities, the New York Post reports.

“He’d introduce which personality was talking when he was typing,” Crow testified, according to the Post. “There’d be a conversation where ‘Killer’ said, ‘I’m crazy now, he made me nuts.’ And ‘Eiken’ chimes in and says, ‘I’m going to kill him one day.’ That was pretty typical with him.”


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