Mar 4, 2016

A former member of MISA break the silence: Minor used porn and sexual perversion hard to imagine

March 4, 2016

A former member of MISA broke the silence and told Thursday at issue Summary of the day, from Antena 3, what happens, in fact, the so-called integration absolutely sessions.

Cecilia is now in Germany and told MISA that was JV with her ​​husband since 1990. She told how minor girls, aged 13-14, were used in films for adults and children attended only 10 years old empty MISA members to other meetings where they were not wearing any clothes.

Cecilia (MISA): Bivolaru was not caught for so long, it has "strong props"

Mihai Gadea Asked if he knows how it was possible for so many years Bivolaru getting caught, Cecilia replied: "I agree that it has some powerful props, it's clear that he has support."

How about urine therapy, former member of MISA said that this is not a story.

"It is real, it is an ancient method of ancestors you treat urine," says Cecilia, a former member of MISA.

Monica Macovei would have tried to save him on Bivolaru

Guru Bivolaru and sexual orgies

Shocking images from spending 50 years MISA leader in the video below Guru Bivolaru was captured 12 years after being convicted. Cops caught him at a book fair after a stakeout for 10 days in Paris.

The spiritual leader of MISA has to serve 6 years in prison for sex with a minor.  Gregorian Biovolaru not want to come to Romania. MISA leader urged French authorities to leave him free under judicial control but chose not to send him back home. 

But Bivolaru will learn only if convinced the judges on March 23 has been set in the next term for his extradition.

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