Mar 28, 2016

Pastor Sunday Adelaja Fired over Sex Scandal

March 27, 2016

The pastor of the 1,5 million-member famed “largest church in Europe,” Sunday Adelaja, recently exposed by, has been fired from his job over a string of highly disturbing  sex scandals.

The Embassy of God Church in Ukraine’s overseer one only known as “Apostle Tuff Ulyses”, diplomatically removed him although that move has since been diplomatically labelled “Adelaja’s stepping down,” due to multiple allegations and confessions of having sex with over one hundred women in his Church. After several women came forward, Adelaja himself while at first denying committing the abuses, admitted to an undercover journo to committing the sexual offences, and in the latest video recording (below) the preacher has now confessed announcing his axing.

Tens of thousands of faithful Christian families have had their faith soiled after discovering that the man they trusted all this while as their Spiritual Father, is a “sinful, serial womaniser”.

In managing the crisis, the Embassy of God church’s council of elders led by a US based Ulysses Tuff on the 24 March 2016, moved to remove Adelaja from performing any Christian ministry until further notice.
In the below 2 minute video recording, Adelaja comes out announcing he has stepped down.
“Yes I am, I want to move on. I have a lot of things going on in my life. I have a lot of things going on in the local church, so I have taken that decision to step down.” He continues,

“…and you know get ready for future that God has for me.

“But you know I will still be there for anniversary”.

Meanwhile in addition to the issues of sexual misconduct, Adelaja has a standing case of fraudulent business ventures in which he allegedly collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from church members in a scandalous pyramid scheme. That case has been in the wait for over 7 years to date.

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