Mar 27, 2016

Cops keeping eye on Millah Abraham cult

HiMarch 27, 2016
Gary Adit
The Borneo Post
KUCHING: Police are monitoring the Millah Abraham cult after members of the deviant sect were detected in Simunjan.
State Police Commissioner Dato Sri Muhammad Sabtu Osman said police have so far determined that the group is cultivating a piece of land in the district, but have yet to establish if its members are involved in spreading deviant teachings.
“We have not determined how many of them form the group, but we know that they are cultivating a piece of land in Simunjan and are renting homes there.
“So far, they do not appear to be involved in extremist activities but we will take stern action against them should information gathered indicate otherwise,” he told reporters after leading the 209th Police Day celebration at state police headquarters here yesterday.
The Millah Abraham sect founded in Sumatra, Indonesia was declared deviant by the authorities in 2009 due to its teachings which, among others, advocates the use of jihad or holy war in creating an Islamic state in the region.
Earlier this month, Bukit Aman Social Extremist Threats Division chief assistant director Datuk Awaludin Jadid said the group believed to number about 5,000 nationwide targeted young people to be recruited as members through so-called ‘business meetings’.
On a separate matter, Sabtu disclosed that police have completed preparations for the coming state election and are waiting for the Election Commission to announce the dates.
“All relevant training has been done and operation rooms set up. I cannot reveal the exact number of personnel to be involved, but we have enough.
“The bulk of additional personnel will be coming here from Sabah to minimise cost, along with a smaller group from Peninsular Malaysia,” he said.
Earlier, Sabtu delivered an address from the Inspector-General of Police to his personnel in conjunction with the 209th Police Day celebration, stressing the importance of integrity among members of the force.
Present were deputy State Police Commissioner Dato Abdul Aziz Yusoff, Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) Mayor Datuk Abang Abdul Wahap Abang Julai who is also a former deputy State Police Commissioner, and retired police personnel.
Also present were Jabah Mingku, the widow of DSP Michael Padel who was killed during the Sulu terrorist incursion into Sabah in 2013 accompanied by her son Macluie, as well as local community leaders and heads of government departments and agencies.

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