Mar 14, 2016

All charges against Scientology dismissed in Belgium in landmark decision

On March 11, 2016 the Justice Court of Brussels, in one of the most important decisions ever in the matter of "cults", rejected all charges against the Church of Scientology after an investigation and a series of trials that lasted for 18 years. The prosecution had asked the court to dissolve the Church in Belgium and forbid all its activities in the country. The judge concluded that what the government and the prosecutor tried to do was to censor a creed under the disguise of prosecuting deeds. "We cannot exclude, the judge said, that these ideas may represent a danger, but the business of the courts is confined to deeds" and cannot extend to creeds nor outlaw a "religious philosophy".

The judge added that he felt "disturbed" by what he perceived as a biased investigation.

The total collapse of the prosecutor's (and the government's) thesis represents a major blow for the anti-cult movement and policies in Europe.

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