Apr 1, 2016

Inmate’s cult followers tried to access Supermax

March 31, 2016

FLORENCE — Federal and local law enforcement authorities dealt with trespassers believed to be a part of a bizarre religious cult who attempted unauthorized access to prison property at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Florence Correctional Complex on Sunday.

“Six individuals attempted to gain unauthorized access to the complex,” said Todd Chapman, executive assistant for the prison complex. “The individuals were asked to leave the premises, but refused to do so.”

The trespassers, “were then ordered to exit their vehicles for questioning and submit to a vehicle search, to which they complied,” Chapman said. “With the assistance of local law enforcement, Colorado 67 near the prison was closed briefly to ensure there was no danger to the public.”

“Once the situation was contained, Colorado 67 was reopened and the unauthorized individuals were escorted off the premises by law enforcement personnel,” Chapman said.


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