Apr 1, 2016

The Indian business with breathing

Karin Wenger
April 1, 2016

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India is a country of spirituality and yoga. This makes Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for big business. The guru has millions of followers around the world and a specially patented breathing technique. Shankar's celebrity wants to make even the Indian Prime Minister to Use.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is sitting in a white robe wrapped in a comfortable chair on a stage in his ashram outdoors. A breeze plays around his long, brown-colored, but thinning hair. Like every night sitting hundreds on the lawn at his feet. You want to breathe with her guru and spiritual leaders, listen to him, ask him questions.

"Art of Living" - the art of living - ie the organization, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has established more than 30 years ago. Since then, millions follow him of meaning seekers. Volunteers teach interested first Sudarshan Kriya, a breathing technique that let even patent the Guru. For proper breathing is the way to a stress free life, promoted the 60-year-old

repackaged Old

"Terrorism, violence, stress - all that frightened people today," he says in an interview with Radio SRF. "The people live in isolated communities or virtual worlds. It is our responsibility to lead them back on the right track. Our breathing exercises and our meditation are the best methods to dissolve anger and negative emotions. "

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An Indian guru and his opaque business

5:20 min, from Rendez-vous from 04/01/2016

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has especially made this a: ancient breathing exercises well packaged from yoga. "Learn to meditate on only two days with the breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya", so be called Happiness courses in Switzerland offered to CHF 340th Inner satisfaction, better concentration and an anti-aging effect are promised. Besides the courses sold the organization also Ayurvedic medicine, restorative milkshakes and shampoos.

Is spirituality today therefore especially a good deal? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar denies. One must simply by today, so play according to market rules. "To spread knowledge, it needs various organizations. We have an agricultural foundation, showing Indian farmers how to grow organic food. We carry thousands of free schools have clinics, feed the poor. Who wants to be charitable, needs a full rice bowl. "

 "   Who wants to be charitable, needs a full rice bowl.  "

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Indian guru

Ask how many donations the organization accrue annually, smiles the Guru away. God men are largely exempt India from taxes. The Ashram, the religious center of the organization, is a real company. Big is beautiful - big is beautiful - that's the motto. Recently hosted "Art of Living" a major event in Delhi, which was attended by more than one million people, including many national and international politicians. On stage was Prime Minister Narendra Modi shoulder to shoulder with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Even offered the IS meditation classes

Since time immemorial, politicians have in India surrounded by gurus says Nirmalangshu Mukherji, emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Delhi. Only the size of the empires that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and yoga guru Ramdev, who has also built up a large food distribution, are extreme. "Politicians and industrialists to follow them, because they pack promises of salvation to a modern way and because their followers mean for politicians millions of potential voters." That's why there is such a strong link between gurus and politicians. In the end it would, however, only the power to control people and to make political and economic capital.

Even such criticism smiles away Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and repeated instead, what he has said many times: "Love must be distributed throughout the world. My goal is to conjure up on each face a smile. "It refers to its international success. The peace negotiations with the Colombian FARC, which he had so successfully promoted; Meditation courses in prisons in Iraq or Afghanistan. he offered meditation classes Even the IS. Representatives of the terrorist organization responded immediately - they sent him a death threat.

Caption:Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is on you and you with the Indian political elite. SRF


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