Aug 3, 2016

Complaint against Amrita Vidyalaya

June 4, 2013
Staff Reporter
The Hindu

A group of parents on Monday complained to Chief Education Officer A. Gnanagowri that the Amrita Vidyalaya at Nallampalayam in the district was collecting fees above the norms mandated by the Government.

They claimed that the school, which initially was following matriculation system, had commenced sections based on CBSE curriculum about two years ago.

Most of the students switched over to the new sections. The school had increased the fees by nearly four times for CBSE sections.

The school did not promote students whose parents refused to pay these higher fees, the parents claimed. These students were not given educational material.

A meeting of the representatives from parents association and school management was held on Monday before the Chief Educational Officer to sort out the problem.

The school representatives informed the CEO that if a group of 100 parents did not pay the fees, they would not be able to run the school.

Ms. Gnanagowri told the parents to pay the fee charged for matriculation sections and the additional amount sought for the educational material till such time the Fee Determination Committee came out with a fee structure for the CBSE sections.

Subsequently, the difference in fee amount could be adjusted accordingly.

The representatives of the school said that they would consult their superiors and asked the CEO to schedule another meeting on Thursday.

A group of parents had already submitted a petition to District Collector M. Karunagaran on February 11 during a grievances redress meeting at the Collectorate urging him to take action against Amrita Vidyalaya for collecting excess fee and for treating parents improperly when they questioned the management.

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