Jul 27, 2018

Apostasy | Official UK Trailer | Curzon

In Cinemas & On Demand 27 July.

Former Jehovah’s Witness Daniel Kokotajlo announces himself as one of Britain’s brightest new filmmaking talents with his unique, moving and insightful debut, Apostasy.

As devout Jehovah's Witnesses, sisters Alex and Luisa and their mother, Ivanna, are united in The Truth. Alex looks up to her confident older sister, while striving to follow in Ivanna's footsteps as a ‘Good Witness'. But when Luisa falls pregnant by her college boyfriend it causes a painful rift in the family as Ivanna and Alex are told by the Elders of the Church that unless they can persuade Luisa to return to the fold they must shun her completely.

Winner of the BFI’s IWC bursary award for best British debut feature and featuring astounding performances from its central cast, Apostasy is a remarkably powerful, personal and authentic film that investigates the complex nature of faith, family, loyalty and love.


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