Jul 24, 2018

Lilia Tarawa (Life After Gloriavale Cult) | Why We Travel Ep. 2

Why We Travel is a new ongoing documentary series on The Path Less Traveled channel. It takes a look into the lives of people from a diverse set of backgrounds who are carving there own path through life, and reveals how travel has helped shape their journey.

Lilia Tarawa is a Keynote Speaker, Writer & Educator on the topics of Inner Self-love, Liberation and Empowerment. She grew up in the community of Gloriavale on New Zealand's South Island, and left the cult with her family at the age of 18. After leaving she began searching for her purpose, and travel played a large role in helping her find her way in the world. This short documentary delves into how Lilia's past influenced her adventurous spirit, and how travel has impacted her life.

To learn more about Lilia, please check out the links below!

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Finding Lilia | SUNDAY | TVNZ: http://bit.ly/2KF2q7B

Fleeing Gloriavale: Life inside the religious community: http://bit.ly/2NApF0q

Gloriavale documentary by Cody Packer: http://bit.ly/2J4daGN

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