Jul 30, 2018

Vast Apostate Army

The Vast Apostate Army
"The Vast Apostate Army takes a team focused approach to activism. We aim to expose the harmful policies of the Jehovah's Witness organization while also providing support to those who are questioning or wish to leave."

"Our mission is to raise global awareness of the harm some of the Jehovah’s Witness/Watchtower’s policies can to to individuals, families, and the wider community. It is our hope that this awareness will lead to policy reform within the organization to better protect it’s members as well as members of the general public. We also aim to reach survivors of abuse within the organization who very likely think they are alone and the mishandling of their specific case was just a one off. You are not alone! There are thousands more and there is support. Lastly, many of us still have loved ones inside the organization and wish to free them from the mental grip of a high control group (cult). We fight for justice, reform, and healing."


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Ravenscraft Studios...venture forth into the muse of RW Erskine said...

there is a book coming out called, 'Lurking Shadows'.
It's about what most people don't know about the JW cult and a young child's journey through it. This book may break their back. 50 years in the making. This stuff not to many people know about.