Jul 14, 2018

Coercive Control Collective

The Coercive Control Collective is a community of people and organizations with the goal of unmasking a pattern of abuse core to highly controlling relationships and groups. We are committed to an approach that recognizes intersectional systems of power that impact and structure the experiences of victims.


  • To educate the public about the emerging concept of coercive control
  • To serve as an American source of information on the subject, highlighting where coercive control is recognized as a concept and the framework is utilized in the United States, as well as research and policy initiatives across the globe
  • To share the work of thought leaders, including those who have developed the theory, as well as those who are currently working to forward a coercive control-informed framework for developing policy and prevention and education efforts
  • To utilize a coercive control framework for exploring highly controlling behaviors, revealing the similar pattern of abuse found in certain abusive relationships and groups (not just domestic violence and also not all types of domestic violence) 
  • To advocate for victims utilizing this framework, including policy and education that recognizes the true harm of the psychological abuse that characterizes highly controlling and abusive relationships and moving away from treating abuse as episodic

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