Jul 23, 2018


Vast Apostate Army

The #metoo movement has exposed predatory behavior in entertainment, politics and business. Now it’s time to turn the spotlight onto religion. A group of former Jehovah’s Witnesses plan a day of protest and a “flash mob” inside the religious sects' annual convention in Vancouver. They will be speaking out about JW policies that have been internationally condemned for protecting child sex abusers."

"The Two Witness Rule is part of Jehovah’s Witnesses doctrine and requires there to be two witnesses to any abuse. It has been widely criticized as a barrier to justice for those who have been sexually abused. A group of ex followers, who call themselves the Vast Apostate Army plan to sneak into the convention to make their concerns known to the followers by unfurling banners about the Two Witness Rule and Extreme Shunning. They will record these acts of protest and will then converge outside to share their footage and answer questions from the media."


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