Nov 3, 2015

Former Sect Member Begs Kody Brown: Give Your Wives Their Freedom!

Gina Bacchiocchi
Radar Online
November 3, 2015

Sister Wives
Sister Wives
As Meri Brown‘s online affair scandal revealed, Sister Wives‘ Brown family is far from the polygamous Brady Bunch.

Now, a former member of the Nevada clan’s religious sect— the Apostolic United Brethren— is speaking out against the family’s “juvenile” behavior during Meri’s infidelity.

“It seems to me they are all acting like juvenile delinquents!” author and polygamy survivor Janae Bird exclusively tells of patriarch Kody, 47, and wife #1 Meri, who trashed her husband in scathing voicemails to an online suitor. (In a shocking twist, the online boyfriend was revealed to be a devious female catfish.)

Montana-based Bird once shared a husband with Kody’s sister Christy, but fled her polygamous family after her objections to the “inequitable marriage” were met with silence. She was forced to leave her ten children behind.

Though she insists she respects the Brown wives’ decisions, Bird believes Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn should be given more autonomy.

“I just hope and pray that Kody will give his four wives the freedom that they deserve,” she tells Radar.

As Radar has reported, Kody is allowed to take on new wives when he feels fit, while the wives are considered cheaters if they seek the attention of other men.

Fortunately, Bird has a happy ending. Now, years later, she has reconnected with her grown children and even called a truce with her ex-husband and sister wives, including Christy Brown.

“We all try to get along,” she says, “although I must confess I do still hold some resentment towards having my home and land taken away from me.”

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