Nov 3, 2015

Anarchist sect targets 8 buses with bombs

Mexico News Daily
November 2, 2015

Bombs that exploded on four transit buses in Ecatepec, State of México, on Saturday were the work of an anarchist group protesting “the frenzied advance of modern development” and the threat it represents to nature.

A group calling itself the Pagan Sect of the Mountain claimed responsibility for placing the explosives, and vowed it would continue such attacks as long as civilization continues to “destroy nature.”

No one was hurt when the bombs exploded, which happened almost simultaneously.

Explosives were found on another four buses but they failed to detonate. The buses targeted were all part of the state-owned Mexibus line.

The anarchist group said in a statement published on the website Contra Info that the attacks were intended to show “our rejection and condemnation of the frenzied advance of modern development, in this case transportation infrastructure . . . .”

Cities are growing exponentially, the statement continued, “devouring mountains and wild areas; the urban blemish is worryingly covering the territory of the coyote, the deer, the hawks, usurping their habitat . . . and limiting wildlife to miserable ‘natural ecological’ reserves . . . .

“If civilization is going to destroy nature, we will respond in the same manner.”

“Fire and explosives against civilization!” concluded the statement.

A few hours after the bomb attacks four Mexibus stations were vandalized when windows were broken, but no one has claimed responsibility.

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