Nov 3, 2015

Pictured, Indian father bled to death after chopping off his tongue in sacrifice to gods

November 3, 2015

Deepak Kol

  • Deepak Kol, 28, passed out after cutting out tongue at Navratri holy festival
  • Mutilated himself as sacrifice to Durga, Hindu goddess of good over evil
  • His desperate family prayed and chanted hymns to bring him back to life
  • 'It is a supreme sacrifice that my son has done,' his father told MailOnline

An Indian father-of-two bled to death after cutting out his own tongue as a sacrifice to a Hindu goddess.

Deepak Kol, 28, collapsed minutes after using a knife to chop off the vital organ during the holy festival of Navratri.

But instead of taking him to the hospital, Deepak's desperate family and festival worshippers tried to 'resurrect' him by singing hymns and praying

Without emotion, the father added: 'He has just left his mortal body. If Devi seeks sacrifice of another son, I would be more than willing to oblige.'
This gruesome death is the latest in a disturbing number of cases in India where religious followers have died following a sacrificial offering to the gods.

Rajkumar Vishwakarma, 32, was fatally wounded when he sliced off the tip of his tongue to offer it to a deity at a temple in Satna's Chourhai village in Madya Pradesh.
He was admitted to a nearby hospital, where he died, a few hours later.

In 2008, Ghanshyam Kori, 45, died within hours after slashing his tongue with a shaving blade and offering it to the deity in Satna district.

Kori refused medical intervention because he said he had 'faith on the goddess'.
And in 2014, Lal Mohan Soren, 17, sliced off his tongue with a blunt blade in an bloody act of devotion to a Hindu god.

Soren was praying at Mahedevgarha Temple in the town of Dugda when worshippers spotted blood splattered across the floor as they turned up for morning prayers.

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