Feb 14, 2016

He was charged along with four others FOR VIOLATION OF A UNIVERSITYThe Moon sect leader will be detained in criminal Palmasola

FEBRUARY 14, 2016

Violation. The interim hearing was held in an office of the prosecutor in Santa Cruz.


The complaint tells the victim that the violation was during an initiation ritual where she was chosen.

The leader of the so-called Moonies in Bolivia was taken into custody along with three other members of this religious organization in the criminal Palmasola in Santa Cruz, following evidence of likelihood of authorship have been demonstrated in a preliminary hearing on charges of aggravated rape a college de Sucre. Two years after the fact of violation of university, on Friday took place in Santa Cruz the hearing for interim relief eight alleged members of the religious organization Holy Spirit for the Unification of World Christianity, following the teachings of the late South Korean Sun-Myung Moon, leader in Bolivia and Seiichiro Sagawa. the accusation that the prosecution was conducted for the crimes of trafficking in its aspects of an alleged labor exploitation and recruitment of people for the purpose of religious sects against four persons ;and rape by several people with aggravated psychological harm to five other people, including the leader of the religious organization. FACT In 2012, ARB, at the door of study architecture, was approached by T. Neyda , who invited him to a meeting of the organization in which they spoke of "how one can be happy." in subsequent meetings also reviewed the second coming of the Messiah (Moon) and that people should serve. . With this argument gave him keychains, razors, pens and desk ornaments to sell and raise money the victim revealed that the organization was known as Youth Federation; in late 2013, in December, she was taken to the Congress of Divine Principle in the city of Santa Cruz. On the third day of the congress, early January 2014, in Santa Cruz, the victim fell ill and guides spirit led him to his room where the leader of the organization in Bolivia was presented;your spirit guides told him; "you can, go." There, the leader of the religious organization, handling and then molesting university that day the victim was also raped by several people, according to the psychological report Neyda said "come on, you you are only 21 ". RESOLUTION judge Ximena Mendizabal, after hearing the arguments of the parties determined to reject the imputation of the crime of trafficking as it does not recruit people for labor exploitation proven. The four defendants obtained alternative to preventive detention as rooting action, once submitted a week before the prosecutor and not approach the victim and the co-defendants. As for the crime of aggravated rape, four of the defendants were placed in preventive detention in criminal Palmasola and a woman who has a baby of six months old he got house arrest.the victim's lawyer, Sergio Vildozo, explained that the decision of the judge to send a prison of Santa Cruz was because the defendants reside in the city, and the leader of the religious organization, Seiichiro Sagawa can not be in places with high, for this reason the process is carried out in the city and not in Sucre. the lawyer said he would appeal the decision of the judge in the case of trafficking and re-order the preventive detention for the four accused. the evidence presented at the hearing were the psychological interview and forensic medical examination of the victim.

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