Mar 6, 2016

Religious Sect Interrupts Round Rock Church Service

 March 4, 2016

ROUND ROCK, TX -- Details emerged Friday about a disruption of a Catholic church service last weekend by members of a trumpet-blaring fringe group whose members believe the pope to be Satan.

The 9:30 morning mass at St. William Catholic Church was targeted by suspected members of the group calling themselves “Koosha Las Vegas.” The sect is composed of former Muslims converted to Evangelical Christianiaty, reports KVUE-TV.

“Repent and turn to Jesus Christ!” its members said during a recent similar disruption in Las Vegas. “Pope is a Satan! “Mary statue is a Satan!”

According to parishioners who witnessed the intrusion, the group’s members chanted variations on the same theme at the local church.

The news station couldn’t confirm it was the same group that targeted the Las Vegas church and other houses of worship throughout the country, the similarities in their tactics are remarkably similar.

Police stopped the van in which the group’s members were traveling shortly after the local disruption, issuing them a warning not to return or face trespassing charges.

Staff members at St. Williams, located at 620 Round Rock W Dr., said there are no plans to heighten security measures in the incident's wake, as they believe the interruption to have been an isolated incident.

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