Mar 14, 2016

Sect Mary Gate of Heaven: new indictments

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March 14, 2016
Baradi Siva
The eldest daughter and grand-son of the alleged cult guru Mary Gate of Heaven are in turn pursued in the framework of the case of money laundering and abuse of weakness.
The investigation into the group "Mary Gate of Heaven" continues. Last December, the "prayer leader", a retired civil servant and his wife, a retired teacher of 74 years were charged and remanded in custody for fraudulent abuse facts of ignorance or weakness of people.
According to The Journal of the Island , the eldest daughter of the alleged guru and his son were also indicted. She continued to abuse of weakness, money laundering and receiving stolen goods. The other is for concealment of money laundering, which took part in trips paid by the funds withdrawn to the followers of the sect.
A sect unearthed the "Mary Gate of Heaven" group is considered by the judge as " pursuing activities creating, maintaining or exploiting the psychological or physical subjection of the participants ."
The couple have also regularly helped make people lie about the origin of the assets or income of the authors of a crime. Both have also made an investment transaction, concealment or conversion of proceeds of crime.
How to work the prayer group?
The main suspect would have had an important influence on his family and on his followers. The association was run like a company making profits.
The faithful were encouraged to pay sums of money to buy statuettes sold to the couple's home - place of worship - with a significant margin.
In all, over the last three years, the association would have recovered EUR 350 000. The daily expenses of the family were provided almost exclusively via cash given by the followers.
The family was able to afford trips - paid in cash - for India, Mexico, Argentina, Japan. The amount of one of the trips was 40 000.
3 cars and 2 motorcycles cost of 280 000 euro were also seized.
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