Mar 15, 2016

The guru had sex "with a thousand virgins" awaiting extradition to Romania

Luis Santamaria
March 15, 2016

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Nearly three weeks after his arrest in Paris , Romanian Gregorian Bivolaru, the leader and founder of the sect Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA) , he continues arrested pending extradition to Romania. Surprisingly, no Spanish media has echoed the case outside published by the Iberoamerican Network Study of Sects (RIES) in his blog Info-RIES .

Just a few weeks before his arrest Bivolaru had been included in the list of the most wanted fugitive criminals in Europe , released on the website of the European Police Agency (EUROPOL), as reported in its day .

Romanian Police became aware of the presence of Bivolaru in Paris and coordinated efforts to capture in conjunction with the Judicial Police of France. While Bivolaru is afugitive from the Romanian Justice since 2013,he has committed offenses in French territory to have entered France illegally with false documents (at the time of his arrest was carrying Bivolaru Bulgarian passport).

Sex with minors

Gregorian Bivolaru, 63, is the leader and founder of MISA, also known as Esoteric Yoga . As they published these days some media, within the group 's beliefs their leader argued that had sex with thousand virgins in order to reach a higher spiritual state .

Thus he offered to minors having sex with him in exchange for attaining enlightenment. This led to it were denounced for sexual abuse of minors , and after a trial, sentenced to 6 years in prison . This sentence is standing and Romanian society Bivolaru expected to fulfill its debt to society.

The British press has echoed the news. As published The Daily Mail , one of his victims, Agnes Arabela Marques, who now lives in Portugal and had sex with Bivolaru at age 15 , says in the apartment Bivolaru constantly had children who went there about days or weeks to keep sex with the guru . That way Bivolaru made ​​sure to keep alive their sexual desire.

The sect defends

Both from the headquarters of MISA in Romania as by other renowned followers of the guru voices have been raised in their defense. They argue that the current situation Bivolaru is the result of a global plot against , plot carried out by secret organizations that they rely on the media.

It is recalled that Gregorian Bivolaru is one of the great conspiracy theorists . For example, in Europe it has been Advaita Stoian - leader of the Danish branch of the Mass - and Latin America Octav Fercheluc - leader of the Uruguayan branch of the sect - who have come to defend the guru.

Both in their web pages in social networks followers of Bivolaru they have used to lash out against associations of prevention and fight against sectarianism in Europe, upset by the information they disseminate these entities.They refer to their work as "witch hunt" and, as seen in the screenshot that accompanies these lines, link this "plot" to the Catholic Church .

One of the institutions against which direct their darts is the FECRIS (European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism), using expressions such as"thought police" or "phantom institutions" .

Not only that, but they have also held on March 11, as if nothing had happened, the birthday Bivolaru . On the left you can see a greeting as was reported that day by one of his adepts of Uruguay, calling him  "dear teacher" . In apologetics blogs that are published in several languages ​​explaining that seek to unmask "the campaign against Gregorian Bivolaru, a man of great character, wisdom, kindness and depth.That for more than 35 years has been the victim of obstinacy, baseless persecution " .

In recent days they explain how the media manipulate the news, details "manual" that would be applied in the case of the alleged smear campaign Gregorian Bivolaru ... and even compare it to other Hindu gurus who once also They were criticized publicly.

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