Jan 13, 2017

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/13/2016

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This opinion piece is by Michael Horton, a theology professor at Westminster Seminary California.

Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration will include Paula White and possibly other members of his inner circle, Darrell Scott, “Apostle” Wayne T. Jackson and Mark Burns. They’re all televangelists who hail from the “prosperity gospel” camp. They advocate a brand of Pentecostal Christianity known as Word of Faith.

​The Daily Beast: ​
My Life Inside ‘The Family’ Cult
We lived in a huge, ten-bedroom chalet in Switzerland which had once been a quaint bed and breakfast. If it weren’t for the Family’s avoidance of even basic upkeep, it would have been like something you’d see on a postcard. Our window boxes were filled with rotting memories of carnations, the roof leaked, and the floors sagged under the weight of all the people they supported. We’d managed to cram nearly seventy of us into this particular home. Its one virtue was that it was close enough to the American military bases in Germany that we could pick up Armed Forces Radio. That was important, because I had a radio.
Now, a representative for the church is speaking out on camera, accusing Remini of "making a career out of attacking Scientology."

"When people espouse these kinds of lies about an organization like the Church of Scientology, it stirs up a lot of religious hatred and bigotry, and that results in people believing that somehow they have to act it out," Monique Yingling, an attorney for the church, told ABC's Dan Harris.

The interviews with Monique Yingling, an attorney for the church, and Remini air Friday on ABC's 20/20.

When you are looking for help — for yourself or for someone else — you run into terms like: ‘cult expert,’ ‘thought reform consultant,’ just ‘consultant,’ ‘lecturer,’ ‘exit counselor,’ ‘intervention specialist,’ ‘cult specialist,’ et cetera.

The media often still refers to ‘cult experts’ as ‘deprogrammers’ — people who ‘deprogram‘ someone who has been ‘programmed’ through ‘brainwashing‘ or ‘mind control.’

Familiarize yourself with the terminology and issues so that you can ask informed questions when interviewing people.

Keep in mind that this in an unregulated field in which some people who have become quite skilled at marketing themselves are the very ones to stay away from
“It’s hardly surprising that people are trying to sell things attached to the concept of Buddhism,” says Singhamanas, who was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist order in 2012 and now works at the London Buddhist Centre. “It’s the idea that something can give you peace, ease, energy – something mysterious, something holy but not religious.”

​NY Books: ​
The True Story of Rastafari

For Jamaica’s leaders, Rastafari has been an important aspect of the country’s global brand. Struggling with sky-high unemployment, vast inequality, and extreme poverty (crippling debt burdens from IMF agreements haven’t helped the situation), they have relied on Brand Jamaica—the government’s explicit marketing push, beginning in the 1960s—to attract tourist dollars and foreign investment to the island. The government-backed tourist industry has long encouraged visitors to Come to Jamaica and feel all right; and in 2015, the country decriminalized marijuana—creating a further draw for foreigners seeking an authentic Jamaican experience.

A jury concluded 10 months ago that nonbelievers were denied police protection, building permits and water hookups by officials in both towns.

An attorney convicted of charges related to hypnotizing several female clients and sexually assaulting them was sentenced to 12 years in prison

All general authorities earn the same “living allowance,” spokesman says after purported pay stubs show up online.

Where We Stand is the story of a controversial group of Mormon feminists fighting for the ordination of women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This 20-minute documentary follows Abby Hansen, a stay-at-home mom turned vocal advocate for Ordain Women.

Lessons learned from Huston Smith’s exploration of religious experience


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